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comment now and i shall reply in a perverted manner as soon as i can :iconshizukusmileplz:



REQUEST: Rentaro by dichibaba
REQUEST: Rentaro

:iconsparklesplz: :iconbrookeveil:’s rentaro takashi :iconsparklesplz:


Rentaro doesn’t like vegetables all that much but I hear he’s got a knack for light thievery. 

REQUEST: Peet by dichibaba

:iconsparklesplz: :icongotnojob:’s peet :iconsparklesplz:

He’s an anthromorph of those little onion guys. Yes, they are onions.



I love :icongotnojob:’s art so much, I was actually surprised when she requested art from me since I look up to her and stuff :iconlazycryplz:.I just don’t leave comments all that much but I faved her stuff like crazy when I first saw her gallery. If you guys like seeing good slightly perverse kesesese fanart and colorful original stuff, go give her gallery a look! You won’t be disapponted~:iconheplz:

AT: let me~ by dichibaba
AT: let me~

:iconsparklesplz: :iconjongluminati:’s hisato and misaki from her comic Yayoi :iconsparklesplz:

Misaki’s trying to comfort hisato but that grin on his face makes hisato doubt his sincerity. They were supposed to be just wearing swimming trunks but I couldn’t get a hold of good references and I ended up drawing uniforms on them instead. :iconlazycryplz:

I was only supposed to draw one of the characters from her comic but I decided to draw the main pair as a couple, since mel colored her half of the trade.

here's her half of the trade~ she drew my character shidou. Now go give it some love~ now~ go~~

Couple-practice by dichibaba

My boys isagani and rio again, this time without cat ears. Portrayed as high schoolers.


So, Isagani is basically your stereotypical troublemaker while Rio is like the class rep or something. But since I like fancy terms, he is referred to as the prefect of discipline. Something like that. bakit ba.Buwahaha. Rio thinks that if he can somehow manage to tame Isagani or at least get him to behave in class, the other delinquents will follow suit.

Isagani however doesn’t get it and takes Rio’s constant scolding as a form of affection. And well, he decides to reciprocate and starts to act all lovey-dovey over the poor sap.

Rio also notices that Isagani tends to pay more attention to what he’s saying when they’ve got some form of physical contact. So when he needs isagani to really remember something, he tries to get in as much PC as he can. he doesn't realize that it's giving Isagani all the wrong ideas. haha

my word by dichibaba
my word
concept art for the main protagonist for my BL one-shot. she's is very gullible and a bit narcissistic. she will assume that any and every guy who talks to her for too long is flirting with her. 

more of my alternate shoujo style~

and also, she's still nameless. you guys got any suggestions?
first of all, i'd like to thank everyone who stopped by and posted links in my last journal! i didn't think i'd get that many responses so now i'm one happy granny :iconheplz:

unfortunately, i'm now also one hell of a busy granny so i won't be taking any more requests.gomen gomen.

here's a list of the requests i'm working on right now:
just so you guys know i'm not slacking off or anything haha
1. :iconyasupan:'s Ailes & Caille 
2. :iconumemuhinyi99: 's Shizumi & Ulva
3. :iconelissya-chan:'s Aika and :iconsamanga-chan:'s Tomo (as a couple)
4. :iconbrookeveil:'s Rentaro
5. :icongotnojob:'s Peet
6. :icon1001stars:'s Shiina Kurosu

so far i'm done with around 40% of all the requests. i'd like to post 'em all in bulk so it might take a while but i am working on them~please, don't feel bad if I didn't choose your OC, this isn't the last time i'll be taking requests so you guys can always try next time!:iconkyutwinkplz:

anyways, ever since i found out you can post thumbnails in journals without needing a premium account, i've been thinking of doing an artist feature everytime i post a new journal.

i'll be doing that from now on (starting with this journal!:iconyeahplz:)

here's my featured artist for this post:
I've been watching Mel for a really long time now and she's really one of the reasons why i like BL haha. She's also currently open for commissions now so go check out her stuff if you like getting art for your characters~
Rise Of The Runaways by illumelnatiHaru by illumelnati

Shadow of Light by illumelnatiProcess by illumelnati

i mean just look at all the pretty art she's made for me hnnnngg

shidou by illumelnati modern fashion robert by illumelnati
which reminds me, i have to go work on my art trade pieces and other stuff now :iconlazycryplz:

dichi over and out~*flies away*


my name is too long to put here
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
things you should know about me:
1. i love cute things but i can only tolerate a certain amount of desu/moe.
2. i love gore in anime but only when it is done tastefully and not in excess.
3. i love bl stuff but not yaoi . there is a difference. go google it.
4. i love glasses. specially when bishies wear them.
5. oh that's right, i'm an otaku.:iconorekibakaplz:
6. i'll announce when i'm taking requests in journal posts.
7. i'm gone most of the time due to my demanding course.
8. i'm picky when it comes to art trades so they're only for close friends or people i like. or already watch.
9. i submit art in large batches but only once in long periods of time.
10. i love trap characters.
11. i love gumi
12. i love looking at gothic lolita stuff but i wouldn't be caught dead wearing it.
13. i'd rather make cosplay items than wear them.
14. i don't usually accept commissions. gomen.
15. i'll try to be more active this 2014!

me and mon shveshta.

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